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How Much Does It Cost To Drive To Disney World?

How Much Does It Cost To Drive To Disney World?How much does it cost to drive to Disney World?  This is a question you need to ask yourself before planning your trip.  There are many different ways to go to the land of fun and magic, but if you pick the wrong transportation, you could end up with a ton of cash spent needlessly.  Take a look below and see the different costs associated with traveling to the land of mouse and see how much does it cost to drive to Disney World.

The first thing everyone wants to do is to fly to Disney World.  It is the quickest and most time efficient way to travel long distances.  The down side to it is that it costs a big chunk of change to travel by air.  I live in Pennsylvania and will be using that as my cost basis.  I am going to look at the Philadelphia airport for some prices for flying to Disney World for my family of five.  I put a chart down below for an idea of the bag costs that go along with the cheapest fares I could find.  The fare came to about $184 per person without the bag fees.  That means a total of $920 with no bags at all.  My family packs one duffle bag per person as well as a bunch of other bags full of food, water, and all kinds of other stuff.  But we will stick with just 5 bags for ease of comparison.

Bag fees:

Estimated baggage fees charged by Frontier Airlines (Please confirm with airline)
Carry on: $30.00 – $60.00
1st checked bag: $25.00 – $40.00
2nd checked bag: $30.00 – $45.00
How to pay: Frontier Airlines
Total distance: 897 miles

Putting all 5 bags into the mix, we end up spending before any other fees, $920 for 5 tickets + $200 for 5 duffle bags = $1120.  I have been told that there is also other expenses that need to be considered such as requesting seat assignments.  But just to keep it simple, let’s stick with the $1120 total.  Now let’s compare that to driving and answer the question of how much does it cost to drive to Disney World.  You have to also add on any expenses related to renting a car for the week if you want to travel around on your own.

Driving:  897 miles

We need to figure out how many miles to the gallon we get with our vehicle.  I use our Nissan Quest and its gas mileage for this part of the comparison.  The van I use get’s about 20 miles to the gallon.  This makes it about 45 gallons down and 45 gallons back for a total of 90 gallons.  At an average cost of $2.00 a gallon, we get a grand total of $180 for five of us and we get to pack all that the van can hold.  We also have a container on the roof that holds a bunch of luggage to add even more space.  I can tell you upfront that if we flew down with all the same luggage, we would be paying for 10 duffle bags minimum.  And let’s not forget about the stuff you are going to buy down in Disney World that will need to be brought home.  This has to be considered as well.  So how much does it cost to drive to Disney World?  The answer I come up with is about $180 compared to a minimum of $1120 in flying fees.  (I believe it to be a bit higher due to the other fees I have been warned about)  You are looking at about a $1000 in extra money to fly down, and that is not even considering the rental car if you want one.

How Much Does It Cost To Drive To Disney World?Some of the downsides of driving is the obvious amount of time it takes to drive to Disney World from Pennsylvania.  It takes me 16 hours straight in driving to reach the “Welcome Home” greeting at The Boardwalk DVC resort that my family stays at.  For me, it gives the family a good chance to see a good part of the country and a chance to just talk and play games with each other for those hours.  Even if you fly, you are suppose to be at the airport 2 hours early and then the flight is a little under 3 hours altogether.  Then you have to get your bags and transportation to the resort.  Add all this time up, and you are looking at about 7 to 8 hours.  So figuring the extra $1000 for 8 hours is the equivalent of working for $125 an hour.  I think most people will take that any day of the week.  If you need to find some extra cash for Disney World, then check out this site to see how to make it in the stock market.

How Much Does It Cost To Drive To Disney World?