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Best Place To Stay In Disney World Bar None

Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldWhere is the best place to stay in Disney World?  There has to be a winner.   There must be a single resort that will be the best of the best.  Is it the Grand Floridian?  Or how about the Contemporary?  Maybe it is Wilderness Lodge?  Depending on who you ask, it is any single one of the above.  I personally believe it is none of those three.  Nope, I believe that it is some place that is easily overlooked.  This resort will be the one for being the top spot in Disney World to stay to get maximum Disney enjoyment.    Before you start to tell me that I am nuts, please take a moment to hear me out. I have stayed at so many places in Disney World, that I have trouble remembering them all, thanks Brittney. (My darling wife) With that being said, I have never had an experience in a Disney resort that wasn’t awesome.  Not a single instance…hats off to the staff at all those resorts, especially the bartenders who kept my beverages ice cold and always full while I enjoyed the pool area.  :)

Before I get into where I consider to be the best place to stay in Disney World, we should take a moment to go over the aspects that make a place the best.  I am putting together a list below that are must haves to make any vacation the enjoyable and unforgettable.  Many people only have a few opportunities to visit Disney World and when they get there, they want to be able to skip the hassles of less desirable destinations that will not be mentioned.  So without further ado, here are some must haves for the perfect vacation, and of course, the best place to stay at Disney World.

  • Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldThe best place to stay in Disney World needs to have ease of parking.  In other words, there must be plenty of parking.  I mean the kind of parking that makes you so glad you drove 17 hours with 3 tired kids in the van and 1 wife who is high on Disney like she is addicted to black tar heroin.  (Sorry baby…we can look for treatment for your Disney addiction once we get back from our 2nd Disney vacation in 4 weeks.)  The parking makes it seem like you are pulling into your own driveway, depending on what resort you are staying at.  And don’t worry if you are utilizing the handicap parking spots, there are a ton of spots right in front of the resorts that make getting to your room a breeze.
  • Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldThe best place to stay in Disney World has to have a multitude of water activities.  The pools have to be just plain awesome.  I don’t mean the kind of awesome where you are just sitting by a pool with a bar.  I mean that kind of awesome where the kids are no where to be seen because they are having that much fun.  Not a complaint is being heard from either spouse, because our glasses are full of our favorite beverages and the kids are not complaining at all.  The only complaint we are hearing are from each other is about why we can’t live like this forever.  Where are the kiddos you may wonder?  They are enjoying the huge water slide that seems to stretch on forever and ever and ever…you get the picture.  This is the kind of pool that has a grill and fryers right there to get you some of the best fast food that you can wish for.  And did I mention the fully stocked bar overlooking the pool area?  We are on vacation after all.  How about a nice lazy river with tons of inner tubes to float around in as that beautiful Florida sun gives you the perfect tan?  Consider it done.  All the above features and much more are waiting in the pool area at this resort.
  • Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldThe best place to stay in Disney World has to be affordable for a normal family.  The cost has to be reasonable for the extras we will get to enjoy.  At this point, you need to be smart in how you buy your resort.  The worse possible way is to buy it right through Disney and pay rack rate.  This is the most expensive way to book a stay at Disney.  Every once in a while though, Disney will run a sale that gives you a chance to save some money on your trip.  Even this is not close to how to go to Disney World the cheapest way possible.  If you want to see that, take a look at this article and be amazed at how inexpensive it can be.  There are so many different ways that people don’t know about when it comes to booking your stay.  Two of my favorites are through good old Ebay and the Redweek website, which I have personally done on multiple occasions.  All in all, you will want to pay pennies on the dollar when you stay at a resort, and this one allows you that opportunity.  It is one of the many features that makes this resort the best place to stay at Disney World.  The room is not where you plan on spending your time while visiting the land of mouse, but it is nice to have a comfortable situation to come home to after a long day in the parks.
  • Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldThe best place to stay in Disney World has to have plenty of dining options within walking distance for ease of grubbing.  Let’s face it, if you have to take an hour just to get to your dinning reservations, it is a waste of time.  What we are looking for here is a slew of restaurants that we can get to in a matter of a few minutes.  The best thing would be if we were able to walk over without any problems.  So the good news here is that is exactly what you get.  On top of that, the kids will have access to all they can drink soda/hot chocolate fountains with purchase of a refillable mug.  How about a great ice cream shop for night time treats?  Or an arcade for everyone to get their game on?  This resort gives you all this and dozens of restaurants within in walking distance.
  • Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldThe best place to stay in Disney World has to have huge rooms.  There is nothing worse then getting to your room and it being way to small for everyone to function together.  That is why this resort gives you a ton of great family space with plenty to spare.  These rooms come in at a standard 380 square feet and if you want more, they have it.  These rooms are approximately 70 square feet larger than Moderate resorts.  You have plenty of beds and a possibility of two separate bathrooms if you so desire.  You have options of a deluxe studio all the way up to a three bedroom stay.

The Big Reveal…Where Is This Place?

Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldAt this point, I am wondering if you have figured out what resort I am describing up above.  My final clues are that you will have a private pool that is only accessible to those that are staying at this resort or at the Yacht Club.  You will also have some really cool entertainment on the boardwalk, which is right outside of the resort.  The resort is non other then the Beach Club Resort.

It is hard to top what the Beach Club Resort gives to those who are staying there.  The walking distances to Epcot and Hollywood Studios is only 10 minutes and 15 minutes respectively.  There are boats and buses going everywhere you need to go and they are all situated right in front of the resort.  The Beach Club also has the Cape May Cafe, which has a character dining experience for those looking to get some quick autographs and a few pics with their favorite Disney characters.  There really is so much to offer at this resort, that I find it hard to believe that there is another one better than this.  For those of you that are still trying to fight back the caloric intake that Disney offers, they also have a full gym to utilize in between meals.

I have written a ton about why this is the best place to stay in Disney World for those with families, but there are a few adult reasons to pick this resort as well.  It is a 5 minute walk to Jelly Rolls, which has a duel pianos to entertain you through the night.  Take a look here for an in-depth analysis of what Jelly Rolls has to offer you and all the fun you will be able to have.  I can tell you that some of my best memories of my wife and I are from our experiences at Jelly Rolls.  Nothing better than reliving your favorite songs on two pianos as the whole place sings along.  It really takes you back to the good old days of your youth by night’s end.  When it comes to the best place to stay in Disney World, nothing better then singing the night away with friends and family.

For the sport’s folks out there, you get a great ESPN restaurant about 5 minutes from the resort as well.  I love this option because they have tons of games playing from all your favorite sports.  They also have a live radio broadcast from the restaurant where the patrons have an opportunity to win t-shirts by being the first person to answer the questions correctly.  (We won two the last time we went there…thanks Google)  It might not be the best place to stay in Disney World, but it sure might be the best place to eat in Disney World.

Did I mention the Disney movies that the resort plays out on the beach by the lake?  Every night, the resort plays a Disney movie for the guests to enjoy with plenty of seating for everyone to enjoy.  They also have random marshmallow roasts for the kiddos to enjoy and remember.  These usually are cost free and a fan favorite of my three little ones.

The best part of the Beach Club is the smell.  No, I am not going nuts.  There is the “Beach Club smell” that those who have stayed there know about.  Just like in Las Vegas, the Beach Club pumps in “smells” into the lobby to make it an even better experience for the guests.  We went one Christmas and the smell of the month was a gingerbread like scent.  It made it an awesome experience for our whole family.  It definitely made us a bit hungry for some delicious Christmas snacks.  In other words, the Beach Club has unique offerings for all the senses, including smell.

To Summarize Why The Beach Club Is The Best Place To Stay In Disney World

1-The Beach Club has the best pools in pretty much all of the United States.  The pool covers three acres and 750,000 gallons of water.  Not to mention the great grill and bar they have right in the pool area for anyone to enjoy.  I love the fact that the “pool hoppers” are not allowed in.  It is meant just for guests of the Beach Club and the Yacht Club, which gives you that feeling of being special, if only for a few days.

2-You are centrally located around all the major parks.  You can easily walk over to Epcot and Hollywood Studios in a matter of minutes.  They have buses out front of the resort that will take you anywhere you are looking to go.  If that isn’t enough, they also have boats to take you almost anywhere as well.  And that can be entertaining in itself.  The captains love to spark up some conversations with the passengers, which usually leads to lots of laughing and smiling.  There are

3-They have the best restaurants in all of Disney World located around the Boardwalk and over at Epcot.  If you are looking to score some of the best steaks in all of Disney, then you will be staying at the right place.  (Read more here on finding the best steaks in Disney)  The fact that the resort is centrally located to all these restaurants also means that you can have a few adult drinks with your meals and walk/stumble home in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes.

4-The rooms have plenty of space for you and your family to enjoy.  You will not feel cramped when you get a room at the Beach Club.  They give you plenty of options in room sizes, from deluxe studios to three bedroom suites.  If you are really feeling froggy, you have the option of going to club level reservations, but I will save that for another article in the near future. :)  All you need to know is that there will be plenty of room for the kids and all their gear for entire stay.

5-The parking situation at the Beach Club is grand in itself.  Plenty of handicap parking as well as general parking for any time of day.  With new paid parking coming to Disney World, which you can read here, you will love this added benefit that you get from being a guest of the Beach Club.  Remember that being a guest of the Beach Club also allows you free parking at all the parks.

6-The night life is fantastic with shows on the boardwalk for the whole family.  After hours gives the adults another option for entertainment with Jelly Rolls or you can get your dance on over at the Dance Hall next door.  Just be prepared and bring some Advil for the next morning.  If you are just in the mood for enjoying a great sports game on T.V., then you have the ESPN restaurant to get some great grub and some cool drinks.

7-The smell cannot be beat over at the Beach Club.  They pump in different smells for all the seasons and holidays.  It is something that is hard to put into words.  Imagine your favorite memories in the form of a smell.  Every time you smell that scent, your mind flashes great images of happiness and feelings of joy.  Like I said, it is hard to put into words. :)

To be honest, there is not bad place to stay when you go to Disney World, but the Beach Club is by far my favorite place to stay.  There are other options out there, such as The Grand Floridian, The Contemporary, and The Polynesian.  But they all lack many of the things that I mentioned up above, such as location, entertainment for the whole family, and the best pool ever!  Where they may have one aspect that they excel at, The Beach Club excels at all of them.  Let me know down below where you stayed and if it was the best place to stay at Disney World.

Please take advantage of our free newsletter below and stay up to date with all the major changes and deals going on at Disney World.  It is packed full of money saving advice and deals that can save you thousands on your next trip.  Did I say it was free?  Thank you ahead of time.

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Best Place To Stay In Disney World

Cheapest Way To Go To Disney World – Best Way Out There

Cheapest Way To Go To Disney WorldYou are looking for the cheapest way to go to Disney World and so were we at one time.  Lucky for us, we have found it and will be sharing it with you and all others that want to visit the land of Mouse on the cheap.  If you have never been to Disney World, you are in for a world of hurt when it comes to your wallet.  Most things at the parks are very overpriced, but we will show you how to steer clear of the overpriced tourist gear and get the most band for your Disney bucks.


Cheapest Way To Travel To Disney World?

One of the first things you are going to want to consider is how are you going to get to Disney World?  Are you forced to fly because of time and distance constraints?  Can you drive down the Kissimmee?  Basically, we have two ways to get to our destination, either by plane or car.  If we go by a standard family size of 4 people, we can see the difference in cost of getting there quite clearly.  How many miles do we want to use for this exercise?  A standard 1,000 mile trip sounds good to me.  It about what it is from the northeast of the United States down to the greater Orlando area.  So if we are taking a SUV or van down, we can figure about 20 miles per gallon on the highway for the trip.  This gives us about 50 gallons of gas down and 50 more gallons for the trip home.  This does not include any additional gas for traveling around once we are there because Disney has a TON of on property transportation to take care of us once we are there.  With gas running about $2.30 a gallon at the time of this article, we would have to spend about $230 altogether to get down to Disney World.  One of the main benefits of driving is that you can pack up a ton of supplies at dirt cheap prices and take it all with you at no cost.  Cases of soda and water can save you hundreds in the park when you bring your own.

Driving = $230 roundtrip

Now it may sound like taking a plane there for a few extra hundred sounds like the way to go.  But you need to beware of the luggage charges, rental car charges, and other miscellaneous charges that come from flying down to Disney World.  You are going to want to buy most of your supplies off Disney property in order to make the most of your money.  The cheapest way to get your supplies for Disney is to buy them at home and just bring them with you.  This is a major problem though if you are flying down.  Extra bags can run $35 a bag, which adds up very quickly when there are four of you.  And if you want to the cheapest fares, you will need to drive to a major airport to lock in the cheapest fares possible.  This means you will also have to pay to park your car there for a week, which will run you about $100 on average.  Now we get to the meat of the cost for flying…the tickets.  There is a gazillion different options when it comes to flying.  You have the different airlines, different days, nonstop versus layovers, and baggage fee variance to consider.  Here are some of the numbers that are current for flying out of the northeast at this time.  This is not the cheapest way to go to Disney World, but it will save you time.

4 roundtrip tickets @ $240 apiece = $960  Each bag is $25 for the first and $35 for the second per passenger.  Let’s say one bag per person will be brought.  This gives us an additional $100 for the bags and no supplies will be brought because of the lack of bags to bring them. You also have the option to rent a car while you are down there which will run you about $40 a day in the Orlando area, which is about $280 more to add to the flight bill if you select that option.

Total = $1,060 for airfare and 1 bag per person.   $1,340 with the rental car.  

This gives us an upfront savings of $830 to drive down to Disney World and you get to bring a ton of food and drinks that will save you hundreds during your week stay.  So I believe it is safe to say that you will save well over a $1,000, if not $1,500, by driving down.  This is something that can save your vacation finances if you have the time and patience to drive down with everyone. :)  It is also the cheapest way to go to Disney World, other then walking.

So here are our updated costs so far for our Disney World trip.

Flying the with just one bag per person and no car:  $1,060
Driving down to Disney World with the family and tons of food and drinks: $230

Now we are on to the park tickets.  This is pretty much a very simple piece to puzzle.  There are only so many ways to get cheap Disney World tickets.  There is an article here that brings up the absolutely cheapest ways to get your tickets with any options that you are looking for.  Basically, we are looking at about $380 per ticket.  This gives us a grand total of $1,520 for the tickets.  This is going through the website, which is basically the cheapest way online to get Disney World tickets.

Total for 4 seven night tickets = $1,520

Now that the tickets are taken care of, we get to the most important part of the equation for finding the cheapest way to go to Disney World, the hotel.  With this one, you have a ton of options, but beware of the consequences of just going with the cheapest possible option.  Some of the places to stay are off Disney property, which may lead to parking expenses which can run $20 a day.  This is one of those things that you will be able to shop around for the best prices and the best places to stay.  One of the best sites to try to get a week’s stay from is Redweek.   They have some of the nicest people to work with and your transactions run very smooth based on my own personal experiences with the sellers from there.

1 Bedroom Villa for the Boardwalk Villas for a week is $2,000 (Through Redweek)
1 Bedroom Villa for Saratoga Springs Villas for a week is $1,300 (Through Redweek)
1 Bedroom Villa for Boardwalk Villas through Disney is $4,151
1 Bedroom Villa for Saratoga Springs Villas for a week through Disney is $3,485

There are many different ways to book a room at Disney, but going through Disney themselves is one of the most expensive ways to book.  You also have the auctions on Ebay that you can check out for possible deals that can even beat the prices from Redweek.

Because we are looking to go to Disney World the cheapest way possible, we would want to take advantage of the Saratoga Springs stay at $1,300.  You do have the option of staying at Boardwalk Villas, which is my favorite place in all of Disney to stay.  You can walk over to Hollywood Studios or Epcot right out of your room.  And then you have the Boardwalk and all of its entertainment to enjoy.  Saratoga Springs gives you all of Disney Springs to enjoy right out of your door, which has its own benefits. This is one of the cheapest ways to go to Disney World with staying on property, which to me is the only way to do it. :)

Saratoga Springs for a week through online resale = $1,300

Our new updated total for our cheapest way to go to Disney World is the following:

Driving $230 + Tickets $1,520 + Room $1,300 = $3,050

The last part of this equation is the food.  This can be anything you want it to be.  One of my favorite parts of going to Disney World is the food.  Eating at Le Cellier or Liberty Tree Tavern is one of my top priorities when I go down there.  These come at a very high cost though.  The plates at these restaurants can run $50 or more a piece.  But if you want to keep your costs at a minimum, you can elect to make your own meals in the room.  The above stay in the Villas comes with a full kitchen, which will allow you to cook breakfast lunch and dinner for the week.  And by driving down, you can bring your groceries for the week with you.  Cold stuff can be put in a cooler and the rest just organized with the luggage.  Worse case scenario is that you buy your groceries down in Orlando, once you get there.  This is cheapest way to go to Disney World out there.

Food bill = $250 for a week’s worth of groceries
Food bill = $1,000 eating a combination of Disney World restaurants and eating in

At this point, we can come up with the cheapest possible way to go to Disney World and have a great time.

Driving $230 + Tickets $1,520 + Room $1,300 + Food Bill $250 = $3,300

There are many different ways to upgrade you Disney World vacation at this point.  You have the option of staying at the Boardwalk Villas for an additional $700.  You have the option to fly to Orlando for an additional $830.  You have the option of eating out quite a bit for an additional $750.  In other words, you have options.  Now you have the cheapest way to go to Disney World, so get booking and enjoy your vacation.

This total of $3,300 comes to about $471 per day for the family or about $118 per person per day at the land of Mickey.  To me, this price is pretty decent for the memories that will be made and the fun that will be had.

Cheapest Way To Go To Disney World – Best Way Out There

What is DisneyBounding? DisneyBound Outfits

What is DisneyBounding Snow White

Photo/Artwork by Shayariel Teardrop – Congrejo on Flickr

What is DisneyBounding?  Is this a question that you have ever asked yourself?  Probably not, which is the reason that you are here.  Let’s admit it.  You know how much fun it is to dress up as your favorite Disney character. If we could, we would make every day a Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. However, on every other day of the year, we have to abide by Disney’s theme park dress code rules. These rules state that you cannot dress in a costume when visiting Walt Disney World if you are over the age of 14. And, no, we don’t want to go against Disney’s rules. We get it. Disney does not want you all decked out in your Woody costume because they don’t want other guests to confuse you with their “official” Disney character. Well, don’t let this deter you from using your creativity to become your favorite character, all while staying within Disney’s guidelines for dress code.

What is DisneyBounding?  DisneyBounding is compiling an outfit of regular, everyday clothing with the intention of looking very similar to the character of choice for that day. In other words, you are dressing up as a character without the costume!

What is DisneyBounding Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter Photo/Artwork by Shayariel Teardrop – Congrejo on Flickr

What is the goal with DisneyBounding?

The goal is to be noticeable. When people see you, you want them to know which character you are representing. Therefore, your DisneyBounding goal is to come up with a creative alternative to an actual Disney costume.  Your representation of your favorite character may be different than someone else.  However, it will be obvious that you are dressing as that character, even if it isn’t an actual costume.

How do I get started with DisneyBounding?

It is really quite simple! You go to your closet (or your friend’s closet, or your spouse’s, or maybe even your children’s closet!) to pick out some excellent choices that, when worn together, will look like you have transformed into Belle or Aladdin or Donald or whoever you wish!  What is DisneyBounding the right way?  This is and it is so fun.

Now, I know that some of you cannot just walk to your closet and find what you need. That is why I am here to help! Let’s take a look at some popular characters and the types of outfits that you could put together so that you could say that you are a DisneyBounder, too!

Where can I purchase items that would help me dress for DisneyBounding?

If you find something below, I have provided a direct link for you to be able to purchase the outfits through Amazon. Just click each picture, and it will take you directly to the place to buy the products. If there is a specific outfit that you would like me to put together for you, I would be more than happy to do that. Just let me know in the comments, and I will add the outfit to this article. :)


Sample DisneyBounding Outfits

Now you don’t have to ask yourself “What is DisneyBounding?”  Now that you know the answer to that question, Let’s start with the ladies.  Don’t worry, fellas, we will give you a couple of sample outfits, too.  Keep reading!

Minnie Mouse

What is DisneyBounding Minnie

Yes, she is so sweet.  This one is easy to do.  Get yourself an adorable large bow.  This one stands up quite nicely according to reviews.  Then, a polka-dotted Minnie style dress that will keep you comfortable and stylish.  Finally, finish it off with an adorable pair of yellow flip flops!  Comfy to wear at the Walt Disney World parks, but yet, super cute and stylish!

Or maybe you aren’t a dress type of person.  In that case, how about this?

OMG.  Hazards of this job are that I want the stuff I post.  This last one.  Did you see the tail on the shorts?  This one is super cute and comfy, especially if you visit Walt Disney World in the summer.  The shorts are actually boxers, but when you are at Disney, really the fashion rules don’t apply like they do in the “real world.”  This is a more casual option to Minnie Mouse.  When you are wondering what is DisneyBounding and if you are doing it right, with this outfit, you know you are.


What is DisneyBounding Dalmation


Inspired by the 101 Dalmations, this combination is super sweet.  A simple combination of dots.  Elegant and easy.  The sandals should be very comfortable, too.  I do believe that this outfit could be tweaked to become Cruella if you were creative.  You would just have to do something different with your hair.  The sandals that go with this outfit are so super cute and could be worn with a ton of other things.


What is DisneyBounding Ariel

Wow, I love this so much!  The sea shell necklace just screams “ocean dweller” to me.  haha.  Even though you may not wear purple and green together, I think the complimentary colors really look adorable together!  If you want it simpler, just leave out the purple floral headband and the necklace.  However, using those two items will insure that people know you are Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  Obviously you cannot waddle around on a fishtail, so we added in these super cute black sandals with a sea shell on them.  :)



What is DisneyBounding Elsa

This one is pretty simplistic.  I added the platinum blonde braid extension because you can add that to your hair no matter the color.  People will understand what you are trying to do.  The dress is a babydoll style, so it is very short.  However the bodice is elegant and flowing.  You will need a camisole underneath.  Don’t be afraid to put a pair of bike shorts or capris leggings under that dress.  The shoes I ADORE because they look like they are ice covered!


Snow White

What is DisneyBounding Snow White

Nobody can miss Snow White.  With these three colors put together, you will definitely have people commenting.  This time, I chose flowy, soft, comfortable pieces.  The blouse has a slit down the sleeve, but overall, they look flouncy like Snow White’s real top.  The shoes looked very comfortable.  They are a crocheted flat.  Snow White is simple, but super cute!  Now that I see her next to my choices, the blouse looks a bit purple, but I think it would work since people won’t have a photo over your head to compare you.  haha.  I just loved the style of the blouse with the flouncy sleeves.


DisneyBounding for Men

No worries, gentlemen. I am going to feature a few Disneybounding outfits for you to think about.  The outfits that I did choose, I did so for comfort and the ability to stay cool in the hot Florida air.  Be a good sport and try one!  You would be surprised how much fun it is, and the guests and cast members at Walt Disney World will offer you compliments like you wouldn’t believe!  Trust me, you will love it!


What is DisneyBounding Gaston

Who doesn’t love this pompous admirer of Belle? Men are certain to feel manly in this one, while still allowing their fun side to come out.

The whole trick to making this outfit work as Gaston is keeping your polo untucked.  Then, use the belt on the OUTSIDE of your shirt.  Buy big if you can so that it looks more like a tunic.  :)  I just noticed that Gaston’s boots are brown and I chose black Nikes.  No worries…you can change it to whatever you want.  You might already have a pair of brown sandals or boots.  Slap them on with this combination and watch the ladies flock to you!



What is DisneyBounding

This one turned out sooooo cool.  The vest is what I was stuck on.  I finally found something other than a tuxedo vest!  This is comfortable and useful outside of Disney!  The Keens are one of the best shoes out there for the parks.  They are waterproof for all of those afternoon showers.

Even though Goofy has long sleeves and long pants,  I felt the short sleeves and shorts were appropriate for hot days at Walt Disney World.  I hope that you love my Goofy Disneybounding outfit as much as I do!


What is DisneyBounding Grumpy

I see men all the time in Grumpy shirts. Not sure why? Maybe some don’t like traveling to a Disney park. Or maybe the heat makes them Grumpy. Or maybe they just wear Grumpy attire to be funny. No matter the reason, you are going to love this one!

The tunic and pants are actually Indian, but they work so well for this outfit. I chose Toms for the shoes because I know what comfort that they provide.  Put on your best frown, and you have transformed yourself to be Grumpy!

In conclusion, I had so much fun with this article!  What is DisneyBounding?  Now you can answer that question.  It is such a creative way of representing a character in the way that you dress.  Who needs costumes?

We may start a series of DisneyBounding outfits.  The series would be by Disney movie.  If you have a movie or a certain character that you would love to see, please let us know in the comments!  Also let us know which one was your favorite.  Would you wear any of these?  I think at this point, the question of what is DisneyBounding has been answered and we are ready to get dressed.


What is DisneyBounding?

DVC Discounts – Disney Vacation Club Discounts

DVC Discounts - Disney Vacation Club DiscountsThere seems a ton of talk about DVC resales and the DVC discounts that are connected to them.  I am here to clear up all the hubbub about what you are actually losing from the new changes.  First things first though.  If you already own you DVC contract, then you are not affected at all.  People affected are those that are buying contracts on the secondary market anytime from April 4th 2016 and on.  In other words, if you are worried about losing any benefits from your existing contracts, don’t worry about it because they are grandfathered in.  Disney is basically performing a 2nd iteration of the Disney Vacation Club resale restrictions on the “incidental benefits” or as what I like to call them, your DVC discounts and perks.  But this article is all about showing why the newest changes really don’t make much sense in financial terms and they certainly won’t convince most people to choose the primary sales market over the secondary market.

The main thing that Disney is doing is trying to make their direct sales of Disney Vacation Club contracts more attractive then someone buying the contract through the secondary market.  The letter I received said the following concerning all the DVC discounts…

“new purchasers of  Disney Vacation Club® ownership interests not purchased directly from Disney Vacation Development, Inc. will not have access to Membership Extras, including Member discounts on dining, shopping, Member-exclusive events, and certain special Membership offers, as well as Disney and Concierge Collection options, already restricted for secondary market purchasers as of March 21, 2011.”

At this point, we need to see how much cash this really will cost someone who buys Disney Vacation Club through a secondary resale site, such as dvc-resales who I have personally used with great satisfaction.  It is amazing to think of all the people that are basically going to pay too much for their contracts through Disney when they could basically get it at a steep discount even without the DVC discounts or other DVC perks.  So explain what I am writing about, I will show you the two different costs associated with purchasing DVC, one through Disney and the another one through the secondary market.

Let’s take a look at the cost of purchasing a contract to Boardwalk Resort.  To buy it from Disney, you would need to buy a minimum of 100 points at $160 per point.  I am going to use 150 points as an example since there seems to be a boatload of 150 point contracts for sale in the secondary market.  So to buy that contract through Disney directly, you would need to spend $24,000.  What you get for that $24,000 is the same contract you would get through a resale site plus all the incidentals you get from going straight through Disney.  So what are these incidentals actually worth?  We will not be able to make an informed decision until we figure out this number.

DVC Discounts - Disney Vacation Club DiscountsBefore we figure out what the DVC discounts and perks are worth, let’s take a look at what we are going to have to pay in the secondary market for the same 150 point contract.  The average price is about $15,000 for the same amount of points compared to the $24,000 from Disney.  That is a savings of $9,000 from buying it from a secondary dealer.  We now have a figure to go buy in order to figure out if it is really going to hurt us if we go secondary market compared to the primary market through Disney.  The basic question here is the DVC discounts and perks worth the $9,000 over the life of the contract?

Let’s put a price on the extras so we can make it a little bit clearer on the financial aspects regarding the primary purchase versus the secondary purchase.  What do we get for that extra $9,000?  Disney will now give you some incidentals that include “member discounts on dining, shopping, member ­exclusive events, and certain special  membership offers, as well as Disney and Concierge Collection options, already restricted for secondary market purchasers as of March 21, 2011.”.  So let’s start with the discounts.  You will most likely buy an annual pass to take care of your park tickets each year.  With that purchase, you will be replacing the lost discounts with new discounts.  You can also get discounts with a Florida annual pass.  Then you can get the discounts from the Tables in Wonderland card.  These discounts all basically replace the discounts you lose from the new rules.  So in other words, it doesn’t seem like a big lose after you sit down and actually think about it.

Let’s say you go with the Disney primary sales option and get all the discounts.  How much do you actually have to spend in order to make it worthwhile based on the incidentals.  What do we have to buy to make it make sense on a financial point of view?  The normal member discount is about 10%, which means we would have to buy $90,000 worth of t-shirts, hats, Mickey gloves, Le Cellier’s famous fillet migion, and ice cold beverages from Splitsville.  I love all the aforementioned items as much as the next Disney addict, but I don’t see me buying $90,000 worth of anything, short of a brand new Shelby Mustang GT 500.  But I will leave that for another post on a different day. :)  The fact is that one would have to forgo all other discount options and only rely on the member discounts and then even after all that, spend $90,000 for that to make sense.  So in my mind, Disney is using it as another way for their DVC sales staff to wave a carrot in front of the potential buyers.

What Are The Other Ways To Replace The Missing Discounts Now?

At this point, I think we all realize that buying from Disney directly does not make much financial sense if you are basing this decision on the “incidentals” that everyone is talking about.  Sure, it is pretty cool to flash the old DVC membership card when you are out to eat or buying one of the light up Disney hats for the shows. (I LOVE them!)  But in all practicality, it is not enough to make me go through Disney for the purchase.  (I actually bought 2 properties through resale…Boardwalk and Old Key West)  So if we are not going to be getting these DVC extras or DVC perks anymore, what other ways are there to replace them?

The first way, and the most easiest in my mind, is to just apply for a Disney Visa credit card.  The card gives you just about the same discount as the membership.  It also gives you a $50 credit onboard any Disney cruise.  Another benefit is that it gives you a $100 statement credit as an incentive to join.  (I have yet to pull that trigger yet because of my other cash back cards I use AND I just don’t cruise yet.”  So this is one solid way to replace those membership benefits with something close, if not better, than what you would have received if you went through Disney directly.

The next way to replace the missing discounts is the way I personally use, which is through the annual pass discount program.  I receive at least 10% off, if not 20%, at most restaurants in the Disney service area.  It also allows for that 10% off when shopping at any of the stores located on Disney properties.  It is a solid way to replace the missing DVC discounts and give yourself an awesome reason to return to Disney anytime you get the itch.  I mean, come onnnnn, you now have an annual pass AND are a DVC member.  Shouldn’t you sneak down to “your” property and make sure it is being taken care of?  Any reason is a good reason to back the land of Mickey and enjoy yourself, and with an annual pass, the tickets will no longer be an added expense.  Combine the annual pass with the Disney credit card and you have yourself a great way to guarantee yourself all the discounts you need.

Then you have your third option, the Tables in Wonderland card.  One of my favorite things to buy.  It is a fee of $150 for DVC members, but you get some very nice perks with it.  The best Tables in Wonderland’s perk is that you will receive a 20% discount on all your food, beverages, AND alcohol at over 100 dining places in Disney World.  It is also good on all your guests as well as long as it is on your bill.  There are many other perks that you will receive with this card, here is a direct link to a page with many more details that you can peruse at your convenience.

Our Final Option

The last thing you can do if you really want to have an official, straight from Disney membership to your DVC property is to buy a minimum purchase of 25 points.  You could buy a big point contract from a secondary dealer and add on 25 points directly from Disney to lock up all the incidentals that you may have been worrying about.  They charge you about 55% more than it would cost you if you bought it through the resale market, so please keep that in mind.  But you will now qualify for all the extras that have been taken away from those that are now purchasing DVC contracts from someone other than an official Disney representative.

DVC Discounts – Disney Vacation Club Discounts

Handmade Disney Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

Handmade Disney ItemsIf you are a Disney lover, you most likely take trips as much as possible.  Unfortunately, for those who live a distance away, these trips may not be as often as you would like.  So, let’s celebrate your Very Merry UnDisneyTrip.  What does that mean?  That means that we bring Disney to your home!  The other 358 days a year that you are not at Disney is your “Very Merry UnDisneyTrip.”  Yes, you can still experience Disney by purchasing handmade Disney items to make everyday a Disney day!

I am going to do this in countdown style.  However, please know that they are truly in no particular order.  You can decide which are your favorites and which ones you need.  :)

Handmade Disney Items- Vinyl Wall Decals

Disney Vinyl Wall Decal by VinylDesignsForYou from Etsy

Disney Vinyl Wall Decals.  Oh my goodness, these are great.  They contain the best Disney quotes.  Place this in a high traffic location in your home.  Every time you walk by or glance up at the wall, you are going to see quotes from your favorite movie.  I am sure that some sellers even offer you the ability to customize your wall decals.  The nice part about these is that they are not permanent.  They will do no damage to your walls.  Bring a little piece of Disney to your home with these handmade Disney items.

Disney Art:  Very similar to the wall decal idea is Disney wall hangings!  Bring a Disney handmade item to your home through a variety of different wall hangings.  You can find anything you could desire!  I especially enjoy the watercolor prints like you see here.  The reason I love them so much is their color can be coordinated with any room decor.  Plus they are just fun to look at!

Handmade Disney Items- Wall Art

Disney Inspired Wall Art by CocoMilla on Etsy


Disney Inspired Wax Melts:  OMG.  You know how there are scents throughout Disney?  You actually do miss the smells, don’t you?  Well, no more!  Now you can celebrate your Very Merry UnDisneyTrip by bringing these scents home!  Awesome.  My personal favorite is the Beach Club lobby.  Something so fresh and inviting about it.  I found a similar scent with that one in a Wegman’s Hand Soap.  lol.  But there are plenty of other scents available in these wax melts to take you back to Disney anytime you want.

Handmade Disney Items- Wax Melts

Disney Inspired Scented Wax Melts by SimpleGalsShop at Etsy

Disney Nail Decals:  Sorry, fellas.  This one is for the ladies.  This is one of my favorite and most adorable of all handmade Disney items.. Disney Nail Decals!  These happen to be princesses.  So cute!  So, you go about your day…how often do you notice your hands?  Most definitely a couple times a day.  Now, with these cute Disney nail decals, you will be reminded of how much you love Disney multiple times a day!

Handmade Disney Items- Nail Decals

Disney Nail Decals by AMNails at Etsy

How To Buy Disney World Tickets The Cheapest Way Possible

How To Buy Disney World Tickets How to buy Disney World Tickets the cheapest way possible?  This is a question that everyone who is traveling to the land of Walt should consider.  I find it very interesting to those that are planning their first Disney World trip, on how they budget for it.  Tickets are one of the most expensive part of the trip depending on how many days you plan on visiting the parks.  But fear not my fellow Disney heads, this article will show you the absolutely cheapest way to buy your Disney tickets, park hopper and all. :)

First things first, what kind of possibilities are there for enjoying your stay in Walt Disney World?  As you may possibly know, there are a ton of different parks that require tickets.  You may find yourself even visiting multiple parks in the same day.  I happen to do this almost every single day I am down in Disney World.  My family and I will enjoy a morning/afternoon over at Hollywood studios and them have a our dinner over at Le Cellier in order to have my favorite steak ever.  (Read more about that here)  Anyways, the different kinds of tickets and their descriptions are listed below.  Take a look and see which ones will suit your needs for your upcoming visit.

How To Buy Disney World Tickets
As you can see from up above, their are many different options for you to consider.  As you add more days, the price per day decreases pretty dramatically.  I know that some people like to “watch” the information, so I included this cool intro video for you to get an idea of what different tickets are available for purchase.

BEWARE!!!!  If you hear of some no name website offering cut rate prices on Disney tickets, be prepared to get ripped off.  You know the old saying, if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is!  This holds true for our coveted Disney tickets as well.  Here is just one example of someone trying to sell tickets illegally.  In other words, just stick to the legitimate sites and you will be just fine.  Remember that if you decide to buy a “used” ticket, there is absolutely no way to check to see how many days are left on the ticket until you get to the gates.  I have talked to people who have purchased used tickets with days remaining only to be scammed.  They arrived to Disney World and found out that there were less days then what they paid for.  Because they bought them illegally, they were out of luck.  All Disney tickets are nontransferable.  You are better off going the legitimate routes and insuring you get what you pay for.  There is only one site out there that will consistently give you the lowest prices that is actually legitimate and that is  There are hands down the best online way to buy Disney World tickets…bar none!  They have the full range of products to choose from.  I have put an example down below to look for you to see how they set up the buying process…very simple.

how to buy Disney World tickets
Now that you have an idea of one of a few websites that you can actually buy a ticket from legitimately, let’s take a look at a few other things you need to familiarize yourself with before plunking down a ton of cash on your Disney tickets.  I have been informed that Ebay and Craigslist is becoming a hotbed for fake Disney World tickets as of late.  They are posting fake invoices and receipts and sending out fake tickets that end up ruining peoples’ vacations when they don’t work.  Stick to the above mentioned, and you will be enjoying your trip with piece of mind.  This is how to buy Disney World tickets the right way.

What Type Of Disney Tickets Should I Buy?

As you look through the massive amounts of different tickets, you need to figure out what kind of ticket will benefit you and your family the most.  What ticket will give you the most bang for the buck?

My initial advice for anyone is to take some time to come up with your game plan before you actually buy your tickets.  Sit down and map out your entire Disney vacation before buying your tickets.  If you find that you will only be in one park per day, then you will not need the park hopper option.  But if you find yourself visiting multiple parks daily, then you will want to consider buying the park hopper option.  Then you have the option of adding on other special perks as you keep upgrading your ticket, which I will cover shortly.  I have added a few examples of current prices over at to give you something to base your pricing off of.  I will tell you upfront, their prices are the best you will find.  The following are the main types of passes and the cost associated with them.  I have decided to show the 10 day pass as an example.  They give you a good idea of how to buy Disney World tickets the most cost effective way.

Base Tickets: Walt Disney World

1 park per day; no hopping & no water parks. FastPass+ enabled and may be added to My Disney Experience and MagicBands.
How To Buy Disney World Tickets


Park Hopper Tickets: Walt Disney World

Same-day access to all 4 theme parks. FastPass+ enabled and may be added to My Disney Experience and MagicBands.How To Buy Disney World Tickets

Water Park Fun & More Tickets: Walt Disney World

Water Parks+, 1 park per day; no hopping.  FastPass+ enabled and may be added to My Disney Experience and MagicBands.

How To Buy Disney World Tickets

Park Hopper + Water Park Fun & More Tickets: Walt Disney World

Same-day access to all 4 theme parks, water parks and more. FastPass+ enabled and may be added to My Disney Experience and MagicBands.

How To Buy Disney World Tickets

As you can see from the 4 different options up above, you are only looking at a difference of $84 for the 10 days to “have it all” as they say.  That comes to about an extra $8 a day that allows you to park hop and use the water parks anytime you feel like it.  But for a family of 5, like I have, that adds and extra $420 to our vacation bill for that option.  So it is a nice option, but one that can save hundreds off your vacation bill if not used.  Definitely something to consider though when figuring out how to buy Disney World tickets.

The following are a few things that are wise to consider when buying your tickets:

  • Make sure you are not just going to the parks for one day.  This is the absolute worst priced ticket in the entire batch.  If you are only spending one day in the area, then unfortunately, you will be paying absurd prices for that ticket.  The longer the ticket is, the cheaper the additional days become.  It can get to the point that you are actually better off buying a Disney annual pass, then buying a certain amount of days pass.
  • Do I need a Disney World park hopper pass?  I always recommend to people that you don’t need to add it on initially if you are unsure if you will use it.  This is because you always have the option of adding it on when you get there for just a bit more at one of the many customer service desks.  For example, you are at Magic Kingdom and then go back to the resort for a break.  You then want to watch the fireworks over at Epcot that night.  You can add on the park hopper at the entrance when you go.  It is very quick and simple.
  • If you are going to go to Disney World for more than 10 days, then you have a problem.  Disney only sells these types of tickets for 10 days unless you are from the European Union.  At this point, you will be suggested by Disney to purchase to separate tickets or an annual pass, which will be very expensive to say the least.  There are options out there though.  Remember that when you buy a 10 day ticket, you do not have to use those days right away.  They allow you to go to the parks on 10 separate days, and those days don’t have to be consecutive.  But, you will have to use those days within a 14 day window from the day you first use them.  If I use my first day June 1st then I will have to use all 10 days by June 15th.  There are many extra activities to take advantage of on your off days.  We like to lounge about the pool for a day or two and then get our shopping on in Disney Springs.  If you have not experienced Splitsville in Disney Springs, then you have not lived.  Best hamburgers ever!  This is how to buy Disney World tickets and make the most out of your vacation dollars.
  • If your planning the vacation of a lifetime and staying for 12 or more days or multiple trips that have a total of more than 9 days, then you will want to purchase their annual pass.  Depending on what you qualify for in terms of pricing, this can be the best way to go.  You can see down below the different price structures concerning the different options you have for the Disney World annual passes.  You will see with the third chart below that you can get a very nice savings on renewals if you are planning on going to Disney World again in the next year, so that is something to consider as well.  You will also get between 10% to 20% off shopping and most dining experiences at Walt Disney World with your annual pass, which can be substantial. How To Buy Disney World Tickets How To Buy Disney World Tickets How To Buy Disney World Tickets
  • Another thing to consider is if you want to add on the Water Park Fun & More option.  It becomes financially feasible if you decide to visit the water parks at least twice.  This add on runs about $70, which is less than buying the tickets individually for those two days.  Another aspect concerning the water park tickets is if you are going to take advantage of the Magic Your Way Tickets, then adding the water park option is less expensive than buying a single day ticket outright.  And if you plan on going to the water parks multiple times exclusively, you may want to consider just buying a water parks annual pass. How to buy Disney World tickets the right way?  Take a look and see below.How To Buy Disney World Tickets
  • The basic way to get the best price on your Disney World tickets for up to 10 days is through the undercovertourist site here.  Anything over ten days, you would want to highly buying an annual pass through the Disney website here.


Now we have a good idea of how to buy Disney World tickets for all types of ranges and preferences.  Let’s take a look at some other concerns that we should think about before purchasing our tickets.  This is how to buy Disney World tickets the cheapest way possible online…

At this point, you have a decent amount of information above to help you figure out how to buy Disney World tickets at the best possible price.  Take your time and follow the tips and you will be saving hundreds in cash come vacation time.

Secret Child Disney World Ticket Trick

If you happen to own an old non-expiring child ticket from 2004 back, you are in luck.  Those tickets can now be redeemed for an adult ticket at no additional charge.  All you need to do is go over to the customer service kiosk and have them change the “kids” ticket to an “adults” ticket and viola…you have an updated adult ticket for free.  This trick is only good if you have some of the old non-expiring Disney World tickets.

How To Upgrade Your Unused Disney Tickets The Secret Way

One of the tricks of the trade is to upgrade your unused Disney tickets (Magic Your Way tickets) when you get to the park to a different type of ticket, such as an annual pass or another more expensive type.  The Guest Services booths are available outside all of the parks and are very quick at taking care of the upgrade.  The trick is to take the unused portion of the ticket after you use a day of two of the ticket and upgrade the remaining days to say an annual pass or something else.  They will give you full gate price for your remaining days, thus getting you a steal on your upgrade.  So even though you receive a discount when you bought the original tickets, they will still give you full ticket price for the remaining days and thus a nice discount on the upgrade, which is usually not a discounted product.

One thing you need to understand when doing this sort of upgrade is that your mileage will vary depending on who helps you.  The results of this have been very different among the multiple workers.  One will give it to you with absolutely no questions, while another will have to ask a manager.  The best advice I can give you is to go to another service booth if you do not get the full price you are after.  Persistence is the key and the answer to how to buy Disney World tickets the cheapest way possible.  Most likely though, you should have no problem in the upgrade.

  1. Make sure to upgrade your tickets before the end of the 14 day usage period.  You also must upgrade the tickets before you use them all up.  If you have a 5 day ticket, you can’t upgrade it if you already used all 5 days.  I know it seems like a no-brainer, but people have tried to upgrade after using all the days or past the expiration date.
  2. If you buy them from undercovertourist, they are considered to be wholesale tickets and even though they are bought at a discounted price, you may be able to get full price for the upgrade.  The idea here is to use one of the days and take the remaining days and put in for the upgrade.  Almost all people have no problem with this type of upgrade.  If you run into a problem with one service person, go to another.
  3. Your tickets need to be bought as a Magic Your Way package or you will only get the value of the purchase price in trade for the upgrade.

At this point, you have a ton of great information to answer the question of how to buy Disney World tickets at the lowest possible cost.  There are quite a few tricks of the trade I have shared with you up above.  The next thing you will want to consider is how to stay at the best resorts for only a fraction of the cost.  Luckily for you, I have written about that topic as well. :)  Check it out here and enjoy your Disney tickets.

How To Buy Disney World Tickets