The Moe family is a family of Disney lovers.  Let me take you back to the beginning.  Mickey Moe had never been to Disney.  Minnie Moe had only been once when she was 8 years old.  So, when Goofy Moe, Princess Moe, and Pluto Moe came along, obviously we wanted to take them to Disney as a family.  Our first trip as a family was a disaster!  Poor Goofy Moe.  He was sick in the airport.  The rest of the trip he had a 102 fever until the last two days, which meant Mickey Moe and I had to take turns taking the other two children to the parks by ourselves.  It was not the family vacation we had hoped for.  In addition, the weather was record breaking temps on the heat index.  It was 110 heat index some days.  That is NOT a good time to make a great impression!  We came home exhausted and defeated.  I had wanted this trip to be perfect.  And it wasn’t.  I had spent so so so much time organizing and planning.  And I felt like it all went down the tubes.  Everyone was disenchanted.

A year later, because Mickey Moe is such a giving and loving person, he mentioned trying Disney again.  I was very excited!  We were bound to have a better time, right?  So, I did all of the planning AGAIN.  In the meanwhile, Mickey Moe started having a lot of trouble with his back.  I say that lightly, because truly you cannot imagine the pain that he was in.  We planned to get him a scooter at the parks, but he was so incredibly disappointed at that prospect.  He had a doctor’s appointment the day before we left for Disney.  And, do you know what the doctor said?  He told Mickey Moe that he was lucky he was still walking.  He needed emergency surgery, and he needed it NOW.  Mickey Moe, being the selfless person that he is, told the doctor about our Disney plans.  He asked that he still go and deal with the surgery when he got back.  The doctor said, “I don’t think you understand.  If you do not get this surgery, and if you go to Disney, you will come back not being able to walk.  It will cripple you because the nerve is that compressed.”

Needless to say, Mickey Moe had his surgery the next day.  And, yes, I had to call Disney and cancel.  :(  The kids were in tears.  I was in tears.  But, yet, we had to be strong.  Daddy was more important than our Disney trip.  Of course, though, we were disappointed.

The good news…probably the best news ever….is that Mickey Moe’s surgery was a success!  He was feeling so well a week after his surgery that he asked me to rebook a new Disney trip for the following month.  I had booked through Disney before.  For some reason, this time, I had seen information on renting points for DVC.  I found the CRAZIEST deal on a 2 bedroom at BWV for $7-8 a point!  Luck was on our side!

The following month, back we went to Disney!  Mickey Moe’s instructions from the doctor were to walk and do some physical therapy to help him get stronger.  That trip was INCREDIBLE, and it started not only our absolute love for Disney, but our interest in DVC!  And, Mickey Moe walked for the entire trip!  He got stronger and stronger, and, by the end of the trip, he felt stronger, his back pain had diminished, and he was in excellent health!  During that trip, we got to experience a 2-bedroom villa at the Boardwalk.  It was amazing.  The weather was better than the previous year.  We had done the deluxe dining plan because of saving so much money on renting points.  (the table service gave Mickey Moe a chance to rest often, and Goofy Moe had JUST gotten a cast off his leg, so it let him rest, too)  The food was amazing, the resort was amazing, and the entire trip was magical.  I am so, so happy that we gave Disney another chance.

When we got home from that trip, Mickey Moe received money from a class action lawsuit from his previous job.  It was the PERFECT timing, and we bought a contract at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas.  We could now call Disney our second home.  :)

Since then, we have taken many trips, and also bought a second contract at Old Key West.  We always have a Disney trip planned, and we truly do look at it as our second home.  The decision was made that someday when we retire, we will either become snow birds who live down in Florida for part of the year, OR we will choose to move there.  Quite a difference from our thoughts after that first trip, isn’t it?

Mickey Moe has always dabbled in website creation.  He brought me on board, and we are both self-taught site administrators.  We decided that, as a husband and wife team, we would create a site that allows us to share something we love.  Something that is a big part of our lives now.  We wanted to share our love of Walt Disney World.  And, thus, Slick Mouse was created.  :)