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Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldWhere is the best place to stay in Disney World?  There has to be a winner.   There must be a single resort that will be the best of the best.  Is it the Grand Floridian?  Or how about the Contemporary?  Maybe it is Wilderness Lodge?  Depending on who you ask, it is any single one of the above.  I personally believe it is none of those three.  Nope, I believe that it is some place that is easily overlooked.  This resort will be the one for being the top spot in Disney World to stay to get maximum Disney enjoyment.    Before you start to tell me that I am nuts, please take a moment to hear me out. I have stayed at so many places in Disney World, that I have trouble remembering them all, thanks Brittney. (My darling wife) With that being said, I have never had an experience in a Disney resort that wasn’t awesome.  Not a single instance…hats off to the staff at all those resorts, especially the bartenders who kept my beverages ice cold and always full while I enjoyed the pool area.  :)

Before I get into where I consider to be the best place to stay in Disney World, we should take a moment to go over the aspects that make a place the best.  I am putting together a list below that are must haves to make any vacation the enjoyable and unforgettable.  Many people only have a few opportunities to visit Disney World and when they get there, they want to be able to skip the hassles of less desirable destinations that will not be mentioned.  So without further ado, here are some must haves for the perfect vacation, and of course, the best place to stay at Disney World.

  • Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldThe best place to stay in Disney World needs to have ease of parking.  In other words, there must be plenty of parking.  I mean the kind of parking that makes you so glad you drove 17 hours with 3 tired kids in the van and 1 wife who is high on Disney like she is addicted to black tar heroin.  (Sorry baby…we can look for treatment for your Disney addiction once we get back from our 2nd Disney vacation in 4 weeks.)  The parking makes it seem like you are pulling into your own driveway, depending on what resort you are staying at.  And don’t worry if you are utilizing the handicap parking spots, there are a ton of spots right in front of the resorts that make getting to your room a breeze.
  • Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldThe best place to stay in Disney World has to have a multitude of water activities.  The pools have to be just plain awesome.  I don’t mean the kind of awesome where you are just sitting by a pool with a bar.  I mean that kind of awesome where the kids are no where to be seen because they are having that much fun.  Not a complaint is being heard from either spouse, because our glasses are full of our favorite beverages and the kids are not complaining at all.  The only complaint we are hearing are from each other is about why we can’t live like this forever.  Where are the kiddos you may wonder?  They are enjoying the huge water slide that seems to stretch on forever and ever and ever…you get the picture.  This is the kind of pool that has a grill and fryers right there to get you some of the best fast food that you can wish for.  And did I mention the fully stocked bar overlooking the pool area?  We are on vacation after all.  How about a nice lazy river with tons of inner tubes to float around in as that beautiful Florida sun gives you the perfect tan?  Consider it done.  All the above features and much more are waiting in the pool area at this resort.
  • Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldThe best place to stay in Disney World has to be affordable for a normal family.  The cost has to be reasonable for the extras we will get to enjoy.  At this point, you need to be smart in how you buy your resort.  The worse possible way is to buy it right through Disney and pay rack rate.  This is the most expensive way to book a stay at Disney.  Every once in a while though, Disney will run a sale that gives you a chance to save some money on your trip.  Even this is not close to how to go to Disney World the cheapest way possible.  If you want to see that, take a look at this article and be amazed at how inexpensive it can be.  There are so many different ways that people don’t know about when it comes to booking your stay.  Two of my favorites are through good old Ebay and the Redweek website, which I have personally done on multiple occasions.  All in all, you will want to pay pennies on the dollar when you stay at a resort, and this one allows you that opportunity.  It is one of the many features that makes this resort the best place to stay at Disney World.  The room is not where you plan on spending your time while visiting the land of mouse, but it is nice to have a comfortable situation to come home to after a long day in the parks.
  • Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldThe best place to stay in Disney World has to have plenty of dining options within walking distance for ease of grubbing.  Let’s face it, if you have to take an hour just to get to your dinning reservations, it is a waste of time.  What we are looking for here is a slew of restaurants that we can get to in a matter of a few minutes.  The best thing would be if we were able to walk over without any problems.  So the good news here is that is exactly what you get.  On top of that, the kids will have access to all they can drink soda/hot chocolate fountains with purchase of a refillable mug.  How about a great ice cream shop for night time treats?  Or an arcade for everyone to get their game on?  This resort gives you all this and dozens of restaurants within in walking distance.
  • Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldThe best place to stay in Disney World has to have huge rooms.  There is nothing worse then getting to your room and it being way to small for everyone to function together.  That is why this resort gives you a ton of great family space with plenty to spare.  These rooms come in at a standard 380 square feet and if you want more, they have it.  These rooms are approximately 70 square feet larger than Moderate resorts.  You have plenty of beds and a possibility of two separate bathrooms if you so desire.  You have options of a deluxe studio all the way up to a three bedroom stay.

The Big Reveal…Where Is This Place?

Best Place To Stay In Disney WorldAt this point, I am wondering if you have figured out what resort I am describing up above.  My final clues are that you will have a private pool that is only accessible to those that are staying at this resort or at the Yacht Club.  You will also have some really cool entertainment on the boardwalk, which is right outside of the resort.  The resort is non other then the Beach Club Resort.

It is hard to top what the Beach Club Resort gives to those who are staying there.  The walking distances to Epcot and Hollywood Studios is only 10 minutes and 15 minutes respectively.  There are boats and buses going everywhere you need to go and they are all situated right in front of the resort.  The Beach Club also has the Cape May Cafe, which has a character dining experience for those looking to get some quick autographs and a few pics with their favorite Disney characters.  There really is so much to offer at this resort, that I find it hard to believe that there is another one better than this.  For those of you that are still trying to fight back the caloric intake that Disney offers, they also have a full gym to utilize in between meals.

I have written a ton about why this is the best place to stay in Disney World for those with families, but there are a few adult reasons to pick this resort as well.  It is a 5 minute walk to Jelly Rolls, which has a duel pianos to entertain you through the night.  Take a look here for an in-depth analysis of what Jelly Rolls has to offer you and all the fun you will be able to have.  I can tell you that some of my best memories of my wife and I are from our experiences at Jelly Rolls.  Nothing better than reliving your favorite songs on two pianos as the whole place sings along.  It really takes you back to the good old days of your youth by night’s end.  When it comes to the best place to stay in Disney World, nothing better then singing the night away with friends and family.

For the sport’s folks out there, you get a great ESPN restaurant about 5 minutes from the resort as well.  I love this option because they have tons of games playing from all your favorite sports.  They also have a live radio broadcast from the restaurant where the patrons have an opportunity to win t-shirts by being the first person to answer the questions correctly.  (We won two the last time we went there…thanks Google)  It might not be the best place to stay in Disney World, but it sure might be the best place to eat in Disney World.

Did I mention the Disney movies that the resort plays out on the beach by the lake?  Every night, the resort plays a Disney movie for the guests to enjoy with plenty of seating for everyone to enjoy.  They also have random marshmallow roasts for the kiddos to enjoy and remember.  These usually are cost free and a fan favorite of my three little ones.

The best part of the Beach Club is the smell.  No, I am not going nuts.  There is the “Beach Club smell” that those who have stayed there know about.  Just like in Las Vegas, the Beach Club pumps in “smells” into the lobby to make it an even better experience for the guests.  We went one Christmas and the smell of the month was a gingerbread like scent.  It made it an awesome experience for our whole family.  It definitely made us a bit hungry for some delicious Christmas snacks.  In other words, the Beach Club has unique offerings for all the senses, including smell.

To Summarize Why The Beach Club Is The Best Place To Stay In Disney World

1-The Beach Club has the best pools in pretty much all of the United States.  The pool covers three acres and 750,000 gallons of water.  Not to mention the great grill and bar they have right in the pool area for anyone to enjoy.  I love the fact that the “pool hoppers” are not allowed in.  It is meant just for guests of the Beach Club and the Yacht Club, which gives you that feeling of being special, if only for a few days.

2-You are centrally located around all the major parks.  You can easily walk over to Epcot and Hollywood Studios in a matter of minutes.  They have buses out front of the resort that will take you anywhere you are looking to go.  If that isn’t enough, they also have boats to take you almost anywhere as well.  And that can be entertaining in itself.  The captains love to spark up some conversations with the passengers, which usually leads to lots of laughing and smiling.  There are

3-They have the best restaurants in all of Disney World located around the Boardwalk and over at Epcot.  If you are looking to score some of the best steaks in all of Disney, then you will be staying at the right place.  (Read more here on finding the best steaks in Disney)  The fact that the resort is centrally located to all these restaurants also means that you can have a few adult drinks with your meals and walk/stumble home in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes.

4-The rooms have plenty of space for you and your family to enjoy.  You will not feel cramped when you get a room at the Beach Club.  They give you plenty of options in room sizes, from deluxe studios to three bedroom suites.  If you are really feeling froggy, you have the option of going to club level reservations, but I will save that for another article in the near future. :)  All you need to know is that there will be plenty of room for the kids and all their gear for entire stay.

5-The parking situation at the Beach Club is grand in itself.  Plenty of handicap parking as well as general parking for any time of day.  With new paid parking coming to Disney World, which you can read here, you will love this added benefit that you get from being a guest of the Beach Club.  Remember that being a guest of the Beach Club also allows you free parking at all the parks.

6-The night life is fantastic with shows on the boardwalk for the whole family.  After hours gives the adults another option for entertainment with Jelly Rolls or you can get your dance on over at the Dance Hall next door.  Just be prepared and bring some Advil for the next morning.  If you are just in the mood for enjoying a great sports game on T.V., then you have the ESPN restaurant to get some great grub and some cool drinks.

7-The smell cannot be beat over at the Beach Club.  They pump in different smells for all the seasons and holidays.  It is something that is hard to put into words.  Imagine your favorite memories in the form of a smell.  Every time you smell that scent, your mind flashes great images of happiness and feelings of joy.  Like I said, it is hard to put into words. :)

To be honest, there is not bad place to stay when you go to Disney World, but the Beach Club is by far my favorite place to stay.  There are other options out there, such as The Grand Floridian, The Contemporary, and The Polynesian.  But they all lack many of the things that I mentioned up above, such as location, entertainment for the whole family, and the best pool ever!  Where they may have one aspect that they excel at, The Beach Club excels at all of them.  Let me know down below where you stayed and if it was the best place to stay at Disney World.

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