Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps – A Tutorial and Review

Review of Jamberry Nail Wraps - Sample wrapsDisney Jamberry Nail Wraps (The Disney Collection by Jamberry Nails) are just the cutest things ever!  We all know and love all things Disney.  That is why you are here, isn’t it?  So let us take a look at something sweeter than Minnie herself.  Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps.  You need these to make your Disney vacation a little bit more fun!  And, if you are not planning a Disney vacation…well…then you need these just because!

Before I get started, let me just say that Disney does not make these.  However, they have collaborated with Jamberry Nails to bring you these Disney approved designs.  To make it easier for the sake of the article, though, I am going to call them Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps.  There.  I got those legalities out of the way.  Just remember that Disney is Disney…they have the copyrights to some of the images within the designs, but Jamberry Nails is the creator of the nail wraps.

First and foremost, let me give a shout-out to one of my Disney friends, Debbie.  You all know what I am talking about when I say a Disney friend…. they are the friends who share your Disney love.  They are the ones who love all things Disney just like you.  Therefore, we have our Disney friends and our non-Disney friends.  :)    Debbie is not only a fellow Disney lover, but she is also a Jamberry consultant.  My sweet friend let me sample some of the Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps that she is selling.  I told her that I would love to do a review on them, and I decided to incorporate a tutorial on their use, too!  Please keep reading because I am going to share with you how to order these adorable nail wraps from Debbie.

Before I get into the tutorial and review of these Disney Jamberry nail wraps, I know that there are some of you may have heard of Disney Jamberry nail wraps and some may not.  Therefore, let me explain to you what they are.  Jamberry nail wraps are wonderful applications to apply to nails to give them a freshly manicured look, but with the whimsical twist of a manicure with different colors, styles, and textures!  They are surprisingly easy to apply.  The nice part about them is that they aren’t a wet application.  You can apply them to your nails one minute, and the next minute you can be folding towels. ( <—- did this myself.  haha)  You will have no worries at all of ruining your Disney Jamberry nail wraps application.

Before I start, let me give you a review of these little nail wraps before they are on your nail.  Debbie gave me two styles to try.  Bow-dacious which are glossy wraps in two styles with Minnie Mouse, and she also sent me Once Upon a Dream which are sparkle style wraps which I gave to my daughter to try.  (see photo above left)  When we received Debbie’s package, we weren’t sure which styles we would receive, so it was a surprise.  We squealed in delight when we saw them.  I mean, who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse and Disney Princesses?  The Once Upon a Dream style reminded us of Sleeping Beauty.  The sparkles for near the nail bed look like a gold crown.  The rest of the wrap is pink which definitely keeps with the princess vibe.  The Bow-dacious ones are sassy and fun.  Minnie Mouse adorns these particular wraps in a black, red, and white theme.  They are shiny which I love.  When purchasing these Disney Jamberry nail wraps through Jamberry, you will receive 18 strips in 9 different sizes.  This is so nice because no matter what size your nails are, you will be able to find the wrap that fits each finger!  There are enough wraps on one sheet to give you 2 manicures and 2 pedicures.  Because these nail wraps last so long, you are looking at at least a month’s worth of applications on one sheet!  The cost for the Disney Jamberry nail wraps is $18 per sheet.  That is cheaper than one manicure by itself!  What a great deal!  (the cost of regular wraps is $15 per sheet or buy 3 sheets get 1 free)


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Next, let me give you a step-by-step tutorial on the application process.  As long as you collect everything you need, and you follow the directions, you will find this process to be quite easy!  My 13 year old daughter even did her own!  It was a lot of fun sitting at the table working on these together.

Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps Items1.   Collect everything that you need for your manicure using Disney Jamberry nail wraps.  As you can see in the photo, you will need the following:  Hairdryer, alcohol and cotton balls, Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps style of your choice,  manicure scissors, nail clippers, cuticle tool, wooden sticks, nail file, tweezers, nail brush, and Jamberry application directions.  (which truly you won’t need if you are using this article to guide you).  We will use the nail clippers to clip your nails to the desired length before you start the process, the nail brush for cleaning your nails before application, the hairdryer to heat the wraps to activate them so that they stick to your nail, the alcohol and cotton balls will be for cleaning the natural oils off your nails so that they do not resist the wraps, the wraps themselves for the application, of course, the manicure scissors for cutting the wraps for each finger, the cuticle tool and stick to push back cuticles and press the wrap to your nail after application,and the tweezers to hold onto the wraps without touching them with your bare fingers.  (will explain why this is important later)

2.  I don’t have a photograph of this part, but next I clipped my nails to the desired length, and then I used a nail brush with mild soap to wash my nails…both the tops and underneath the tips.


Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps Lotion

3.  Next, I applied Jergen’s Original Scent lotion.  Jamberry won’t tell you to do this, but I love the soft feeling it gives my hands.  It also makes the cuticles soft and easier to push down.  The scent of this lotion is heavenly.  Even my husband loves it.  (notice at the top it says perfect for hands, and I have to agree)


Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps Cuticle Tool

4.  Next, I used both the stick and the cuticle tool which has a soft rubber ending to it to push down my cuticles.  For some reason, I don’t have much cuticle on my nails, so this process did not take me long at all.


Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps Alcohol Wipe

5.  The last step before starting the application was to wipe all of my nails down with alcohol.  This took off the hand cream as well as the natural oils from my nails that might inhibit the wraps from sticking to my nails.


Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps Buff

6.  OK, I lied.  This was the last step before application started.  haha.  The directions said to buff your nails a little bit to provide a good base for the wrap to stick.  I did not have a buff tool, so I gently used the nail file to just roughen the tops of my nails ever so slightly.


Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps LiftDisney Jamberry Nail Wraps Tweezers

7.  Next comes the process of preparing the actual wrap for your nail.  First, decide which wrap will fit your nail shape.  It is best to have the wrap be a little small for your nail rather than too big.  If it is too big, it will stick to the skin around your nail, and you will find that your manicure will not last as long because it wear prematurely and run the risk of separating from your nail.  With this step, you will have to handle the wrap.  This is where you have to be careful.  You do not want to handle the wrap with your bare fingers.  The reason for this is the same reason that we use the alcohol on our nails.   You do not want the oils from your fingers to interfere with any stickiness.  If handled too much, the wrap may not stick to your nail the way that it should.  Therefore, use the stick tool to lift the wrap on one end.  Then I use the manicure scissors to cut the wrap in half.  (scissor process not shown)  I then used the tweezers to handle the 1/2 wrap that will be going onto my finger.


Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps Hairdryer

8.  Now we have to make the wrap stickier by heating it a bit.  You don’t want to overheat.  I had my settings of my hairdryer on hot, but used a low speed.  I literally counted to 5 (one thousand one, one thousand two, etc….) and then I applied the wrap as quickly as I could to my nail.  You will know the wrap is ready because it will curl ever so slightly.  That tells you it is ready.  You will have to test this with your own hairdryer because every hairdryer’s power is different.


Disney Jamberry Nail Wrap Press

9.  Once you have placed the wrap carefully on your nail, you should immediately start the process of pressing it down.  My suggestion is to press using the soft rubbery cuticle tool because you can apply a lot of pressure to help it stick.  You should press down the center first and then work your way around the edges.  Don’t worry about any extra wrap sticking out of the end of your nail.  Just press it completely on your entire nail.  The initial placement is important because if you need to lift up the wrap, you could compromise some of the stickiness.  Remember not to place the wrap to your skin…only your nail.  If it seems too big, feel free to trim a little with your scissors and then try again.

Disney Jamberry Nail WrapsDisney Jamberry Nail Wraps Trim









Don’t mind me as I change to a different nail.  I realized that I had forgotton to take a few of the photos.


Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps File

Disney Jamberry Nail Wrap Extra

10.  Once you have trimmed, there will still be some wrap left over the edge of your nail.  Use your file in a gentle downward motion (NOT BACK AND FORTH) to file off the extra nail wrap.  See that little bit of extra?  Do not pull on it.  Just continue with the gentle downward motion all over the end of your nail tip and that little extra part will eventually fall off.

Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps Thumb

11.  And here you have the finished product on one finger.  Super cute!!!  Look at cute little Minnie peaking out of your nail bed!  Awwww.


Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps Finished










Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps Finished 3








Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps FInished 2









So cute!  I want more!

Here were Princess Moe’s nails.  She had a very easy time with application, too, and she is only 13!

Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps Princess Moe 2

Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps Princess Moe










All in all, my review of the Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps is extremely positive!  They were surprisingly easy to apply, and they just look absolutely adorable after application!  Now, what are you waiting for?  I know you need to order these for yourself!  Take a look at Debbie’s Jamberry website where you can order Disney Jamberry nail wraps as well as regular ones in all styles, colors, and textures!


Click here to order from The Disney Collection by Jamberry Nails


Thank you so much for reading!  I hope that you enjoy your Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps as much as my daughter and I do!  Special thanks, again, to Debbie for sharing wraps with us for the tutorial and review.  :)


Disney Jamberry Nail Wraps – A Tutorial and Review

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