Disney World Scents – Top 10 Of All Time

Disney World ScentsLet’s face it, the Disney World scents are there.  You are not going nuts, it is just like walking into your mom’s kitchen at Christmas time, you are going to smell something fantastic.  For example, you are walking into the lobby of the Beach Club Resort and for some reason, you can smell a slight tinge of gingerbread flowing through the air.  Is this all in your head?  Are you becoming Disney obsessed?  Maybe, but there are some scents that Disney puts in the air to make your vacation even more special and we are going to reveal them to you.

There is a major psychological attachment to smells in a person’s life.  Be it the smell of your childhood home or  your spouses on perfume or cologne.  It is something that triggers a ton of emotions when that scent hits those nostrils.  Springer Science + Business Media report found that scents that trigger found memories makes the current event more likely to be successful.   In other words, when you smell those Disney World scents, they are meant to trigger pleasant memories, thus making you current experience more likely an enjoyable one compared to a scentless one.  With this being known now, what top 10 Disney World Scents are being used and where can you find them?

Disney World Scents Soarin10.  I think that one ride everyone knows about that has a scent related to it is Soarin.  Nothing like feeling above the world as you glide through the air.  But it is when you go over that orange grove that really gets you in the nostrils.  The wave of oranges burst through the air and makes the ride something that hits multiple senses and thus even more memorable.  If you think about the psychology of this Disney World scent, it makes perfect sense. (Sorry…I had to :) )  How many people actually have a negative view of an orange smell?  I am guessing less than 1% of people.  Now when your vacation is over, you will be back home enjoying a fresh orange and that smell will trigger a Disney World memory flashback.  This is the goal of using scents.  It is to make you “miss” it and want to come back to enjoy it once again.  I know every time I smell gingerbread, I think of my Christmas vacation and those unique gingerbread smells.  Great…now I have to look up booking options for next Christmas before I continue on with this article.  By the way, if you are looking for a candle that perfectly reproduces the Soarin smell, take a look at this candle.  It makes the perfect gift to someone who is missing Disney.

UPDATE:  Good news, there are a few openings for December if you want to check out that gingerbread smell first hand. 

Main Street Bakery disney world Disney World Scents9.  Now that we have covered Soarin’s sweet orange smell, what other fantastic Disney World scents are out there waiting for us to discover?  One the biggest legends is that of Main Street in Magic Kingdom.  If you have ever strolled anywhere near the Confectionary or the Main Street Bakery, then you have given your nose a spectacular experience.  It is highly thought in the Disney community that delicious bakery like smells are piped into the area to have people want to stop in and check out the goodies.  I for one have been guilty of seeing and tasting what this Disney World scent was selling.  After a few cookies and pastries, I can tell you that what they were selling was absolutely delicious.  Did the piped-in scent make me go in?  I can say that it most likely made up my subconscious mind to do so.  Hey, I am on vacation after all and a few, who are we kidding, a dozen cookies isn’t going to kill me.

Disney World Scents rome is burning8.  You see the great big ball in the middle Epcot?  Yep, Spaceship Earth has a magical smell that you can’t miss as you enjoy the attraction.  When you go through the section of Rome burning, you get the great big whiff of smoke.  It is unmistakable to those that have experienced it.  If you have ridden that ride, you know exactly what I am talking about.  You can probably “smell” it right now and it is bringing back great memories of when you were last in Epcot.  Once in a while, I will be burning some wood, and that smell transports me back to those good old days at Epcot.

PhilharMagic apple pie disney world scents7.  One of my favorite Disney World scents is found at PhilharMagic.  It is the apple pie smell that is pumped out during the performance.  When that pie scene comes on and the air is filled with that warm apple pie aroma, there is a definite a memory formed for all the future times that you get a hint of that smell.  For me, it is when I smell the Apple Cider Yankee Candle that we light up every once in a while around the house.  You will want to try it out if you want to experience the magic and aroma of PhilharMagic in the comfort of your own home.  Either that or you can buy a few apple pies to bake anytime you are missing Disney.  (I tend to go with the latter do to my love of all things baked)

pirates of the caribbean disney world scents6.  In terms of rides, the Pirates of the Caribbean musty indoor smell is one that most Disney addicts will say stands out.  Is it the water that flows through the entire building?  Is it the stale air in the queue line as you wait for the ride?  I like to think it is a combination of air being pumped in as well as the other factors listed above.  Whatever it is, Disney World has made that smell exclusive to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  It reminds me of a recent episode of “The Last Man On Earth” when Tandy opens a 30 year old bottled fart and finds a unique reaction to this smell.  We all have a connection to certain smells and Disney helps us create quite a few of these.

Disney World Scents wilderness lodge5.  One that my beautiful wife loves to reminisce about is that of the Wilderness Lodge.  If you are checking in for the newly named Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge or the Copper Creek Villas & Cabins, you will not be able to miss that rustic smell that is flowing through the air.  It gives one the feeling of being in the great outdoors and enjoying all the Wilderness Lodge has to offer.  I still remember the first time I walked into the Wilderness Lodge.  Words can’t explain the awe one feels from the mere size of this resort.  It is very impressive to say the least and those Disney World scents that are pumped in through the ventilation system cannot be beat…ahhhhhh!

Karamell Kuche4.  If you have walked around the World Showcase, you know that certain places have some interesting smells.  One of these places is Karamell Kuche.  It is that delicious caramel popcorn smell that overtakes your nose as you stroll by.  If this isn’t enough, take a look at this article on why you will want to stop in to scratch off another bucket list treat.  If you love caramel, then this place is going to be paradise to you.  But if you are a chocolate covered strawberry with a tad bit of caramel on top kind of person, then you are covered as well.  The smell of all things caramel is something that you will always remember after you leave Karamell Kuche.

toiletries Disney World Scents3.  How many Disney World toiletries have we all taken home after our trips?  I bet if you look around your house, you will  be able to find one of those cute little shampoo containers.  I know we have them stashed in the closet ready for us to get a taste of Disney any time we need it. (As well as some fresh hair after using the shampoo as directed)  If you have used your last bottle from your take home collection, then you can get the larger one here to evoke all those great Disney World scent memories.  It is always fun to randomly wash with one of the Disney shampoos or soaps and go up to your significant other and see their bewilderment of what that scent is, knowing that they know it from some where they have been.  Eventually, they remember that great Disney smell and get to tell you how much they miss it.

Disney World Scents Tomorrowland Speedway2.  Tomorrowland Speedway has that great smell of gasoline that can’t be confused.  It hits you like a ton of bricks every time you smell it.  You instantly are taken back to getting into your little car and roaring around the track and burning up some fossil fuels and creating those Disney World scents that people have grown to know and love.  One thing I get to enjoy when I come home is stopping over at Knobel’s Grove amusement park and getting to ride in the old classic gas powered car ride.  It is like Tomorrowland in that gas smell and fun of letting the kids drive their first automobile.

cinnamon-glazed almonds disney world scents1. If you have walked around Adventure Land, you have had the pleasure of smelling cinnamon-glazed almonds.  You can experience this outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  (You can kill two birds with one stone when going on the ride…see number six above)  Every Christmas time, I walk around the Lycoming Mall in Muncy, PA and someone there is selling roasted almonds and that smell of those little almonds being cooked up takes me back to Disney World instantly.

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Disney World Scents – Top 10 Of All Time

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