The 10 Best Things about Owning DVC (Disney Vacation Club)

best way to buy Disney vacation clubHello, there!  Well, it has been quite a few years now that my husband and I drank the DVC Kool-aid.  We liked it so much that we went back for seconds!  :)  Yes, we are DVC owners at Boardwalk and also at Old Key West.  A lot of people argue for or against owning DVC.  Even Disney Moe himself has been writing articles assessing the whole money situation when it comes to DVC.  Well, I am not gonna go there.  On the contrary.  Instead, I am going to tell you all about the fun stuff:  the 10 best things about owning DVC.  I won’t be talking about whether it is worth it.  So get that out of your head.  I am just telling you what I love about it.

10.  The pools.  Storm-a-long Bay could technically be a post by itself.  That pool, the main pool at Yacht & Beach Club, is definitely awesome.  The slide comes from a humongous ship.  You have to leave the pool area just to get to the slide!  However, what I love about all DVC pools is that there are many of them at each resort.  I truly have never been at a DVC pool that was so packed that you could hardly move, and I have heard people talk of this issue at value resorts.  I believe that is because there are a few options for swimmers at the DVC resorts.  You are not all sharing one pool.  I know that isn’t true at all places.  However, you have to think about the amount of people staying at some of these resorts in relation to how many people the pool will hold.  I just don’t feel that it has been that busy at the DVC pools.  (and we go often during Magic Season)  Also, the pools at DVC resorts all have slides!  Woo-hoo!  Yes, even my husband and I have tried the slides at the various DVC resorts where we have stayed.

9.  The closeness to the parks.  Ok, I admit. Right now, I am talking about two of my favorite DVC resorts:  Boardwalk and Beach Club.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE staying there for the reason that we can WALK to Epcot and even Hollywood Studios!  (many people don’t seem to know how close Hollywood Studios really is to the Boardwalk Villas)  So, you get a room, you go out the farthest exit away from the lobby.  That exit leads you to the path to get to Hollywood Studios.  It is fantastic!  It is a lovely walk along the canal.  You see ducks and the boats coming and going.  Really, I would say the walk to Hollywood Studios only takes about 10-15 minutes tops.  You can wait longer at the bus stop for a bus just to come and pick you up!  If you love the dining, Epcot is a restaurant lover’s paradise.  Staying at Beach Club or Boardwalk is perfect for getting to your dining reservations without any time issues.  Therefore, to maximize your time, I highly suggest staying at a resort that is close to the parks.  Bay Lake Towers would be another example.  Its proximity to Magic Kingdom is fabulous.

8.  The variety of room choices.  OK, so when you buy into DVC, you are staying at deluxe resorts.  The comfort that these resorts provide is second to none.  You have the option of a variety of different room structures…there is something for every point owner.  The studios provide a nice place to stay with a small kitchenette.  The one-bedrooms have a full kitchen and a washer and dryer.  The two bedrooms have two full bedrooms plus the full kitchen and washer and dryer.  Finally, the Grand Villas offer a large space with 3 bedrooms as well as the full kitchen, substantial living area, and washer and dryer.  The nice thing for me is the king beds.  My husband and I are used to sleeping in a king bed.  I guess we are kinda spoiled.  When taking a vacation, we want the same.  We don’t want to be in a queen or double.  Therefore, for me, the bed itself is a plus.

7.  Washer/Dryer.  Call me crazy, but I love keeping up on laundry when on vacation.  I like to come home and allow everyone to open up their suitcases and put their clothes away.  At DVC resorts, you will have your own laundry facilities if you are staying in a 1 or 2 bedroom unit.  However, do not worry if you choose to stay in a studio, because there are free laundry facilities usage near the pools.  If you would want to do a load of laundry while on vacation, you can find the washer and dyers in a designated area near the pool.  The really nice thing about this (for me), is that I can wash and dry towels.   I have no problem washing a load of towels while heading out to the park, and then putting them in the dryer later that day.  Once mousekeeping comes to refresh your towel supply, you will have many to choose from.  (my kids seem to use towels like water).  Therefore, the washer and dyer in our room is a definite plus.  Just be sure to take a small container of regular detergent with you or buy it once you are in your resort.  They do provide free detergent, but it is only one or two boxes.  I do much more than this, so I take my own.  Make sure it is not high efficiency detergent, as their washer and dryers take the regular kind.  Oh, and bring your own dryer sheets, too.

6.  No daily mousekeeping.  OK, for some people, this may be a downfall, but not for my family.  At home, I clean for the cleaning lady.  Have you ever heard people saying that?  Yes, because we both work and have a business on the side, we do have someone clean our home once a week for the deeper cleaning.  Well, the night before she comes, I announce to the kids that it is time to clean for the cleaning lady.  I am the same way at Disney.  The night before Mousekeeping comes in, we tidy up and clean some things.  (yes, I know she will reclean them, but oh well).  I LOVE not having the Mousekeeping daily.  LOVE it.  I am on vacation, after all, so I want to be very lax and not be as uptight as I am when I am at home.  If the kids feel like dropping their pin lanyards on the floor near the front door, then that is where they will stay.  If someone drinks a soda and leaves it on the table, no biggie.  You get the idea.  In addition to this, we choose to do a 1-bedroom.  The reason for this is we want to stretch our points.  We bring our own blow-up twin sized mattresses for 2 kids, and the other sleeps on the pull-out.  We don’t put the beds away every day.  (we are hardly there!  What’s the point?)  If I had Mousekeeping there each day, I would feel obligated to “clean for the cleaning lady”, so I am just thankful that I don’t have to do that for the majority of my vacation.  Oh, and just so you know, Mousekeeping comes on the 4th day for towel service/light cleaning, and again for a full cleaning I believe on day 7.  (could be wrong on that, I gotta check it)

5.  Being part of the group.  Please don’t think of me as an elitist, because that is not what I am going for here.  However, I truly feel that being a DVC member allows you to become a member of a family.  You become so close with other owners, because they “get it.”  They get the Disney obsession.  There are multiple Facebook groups dedicated to being a DVC member.  There are many, many websites with message boards that have boards dedicated to DVC.  You get to know people.  You learn from people.  And, I am not going to lie, being able to say to people, “I own DVC” is really, really fun!  For me, becoming an owner was kind of like that feeling of becoming a mom.  Before being a mother, I really had no idea.  Then, my first son was born, and I felt like a member of a group for which before I could never identify with.  DVC is the same.  Before DVC, you can read things and try to understand the process and have your judgments on different things related to Disney.  However, AFTER owning, you understand.  You have that right now to share your feelings with non-members.  I kinda feel like it is getting a degree in Disney, so to speak.  And, for that reason, it makes me feel as if I am part of the gang.  I like that.

4.  The dining options.  OK, I admit, I may be posting a bit one-sided on this, because I have never stayed at a value on property, but I am writing this based on the fact that I have looked up dining options sooooo often when booking my dining.  We are a family who loves our sit-down dining experiences at Disney.  For us, the dining experiences are like attractions.  If you have not experienced some of them…well…then I feel like you are missing out on some of the Disney magic.   I have to admit that the eateries at the DVC resorts are much better than other Disney resorts.  (I am just talking resorts here…not dining within the parks).  There have been times where my husband and I have considered taking a resort-only Disney vacation with no parks.  In this case, we have talked about it in terms of which resort has the best dining options.  Let’s look at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas for instance.  When staying at our home resort, we have a number of different signature options mixed with fabulous regular dining options as well as quick-serve!  When staying at the Boardwalk, we have all of the Epcot dining places available, of course, but in keeping with the previous statement of not taking that into account, there are STILL so many other options within such an easy walking distance.  Some that come to mind are:  Flying Fish Cafe and Yachtsman’s Steakhouse, which are signature dining experiences, and Trattoria al Forno, Cape May Cafe, ESPN Club, Big River Grille, Beaches & Cream, and Captain’s Grille which are all regular table service.  In addition, there are many quick-serve places like Leaping Libations, Boardwalk Bakery, Beach Club Marketplace, and Hurricane Hannah’s Grille.  There is literally something for everyone!  This is definitely something to consider when becoming DVC members or if you are thinking about it.  The dining options just seem so much better to me.

3.  Discounts.  Being a DVC member comes with its perks.  There are a variety of different discounts that are offered to DVC members that other Disney vacationers do not get.  First, there is the ability to book cash rooms at a great discount.  Obviously these are subject to availability, but we have used this before when we have wanted to extend our stay but didn’t have enough points.  Usually this discount is 25% off for DVC rooms, but I swear I have received bigger discounts than that in the past.  I think it all has to do with the idea of how many rooms they expect not to be booked for the dates you are looking for.  Please note that this is all conjecture.  I am not claiming to know for sure, but it has been very nice to book with cash.  If you are not looking to plan very far in advance, but wanting to book a quick trip, this discount may work for you as a DVC member.  (just writing this makes me want to call and see what they have available.  haha!)  OK, for other discounts, my favorite has to be the AP discount.  (Annual Pass)  Why is this a good thing?  Well, because when you are taking a Disney trip, obviously a large part of the expense is the tickets to the park.  What we have been doing is using the DVC prices for annual passes.  These are sold at a lesser cost than non-DVC annual passes.  We plan trips so that we go late one year and early the next which allows us to take 2 trips with one pass.  Sometimes we squeeze one somewhere in between.  By doing this, it makes the cost of each trip not so bad.  In addition to the annual pass prices, there is also the dining and merchandise discounts. So many Disney restaurants offer a DVC discount to members.  Although we do Tables in Wonderland,  we do use the DVC discount on some restaurants that are not Tables in Wonderland locations.

2.  Disney vacations for life.  When buying into DVC, you are planning your Disney vacations for life!  Pretty much, that is true!  When you know that there is a place that you love, knowing that you are going to go back often, well…that is just a great feeling!  And, you know what the cool thing is?  These vacations are in such demand, that, even if you don’t feel that you can use your points, you can actually rent them out and make money on them!  We have used Paul at DVCrentalstore.  Such great customer service!

1. Welcome home.  The last thing I like about owning DVC is how welcome you feel when you arrive and during your vacation.  When the gatekeeper says welcome home, you know you made the right choice in buying DVC.

Minnie Moe
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Minnie Moe

Minnie Moe enjoys family time with Mickey Moe, Goofy Moe, Princess Moe, and Pluto Moe. In between planning her next Disney trip, she is also a teacher.Her favorite Disney resort is Boardwalk Villas, and her favorite DIsney snack is a Mickey Bar.She also really loves the Fanta Pineapple in Club Cool.:)
Minnie Moe
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  1. Tandi4pres says:

    So many ways to spend your money in the world. I understand why some people spend it on being a Vacation Club member, but I think you really have to go every single year to really get full advantage of the money that you can save. I like your ideas about why this is a solid way to vacation though.

  2. We have been members for 5 years and love it. It forces us to take a REAL family vacation every year. I don’t see the down side to being DVC.

    • Mickey Moe says:

      Neither do we…lol. It is definitely a personal preference when it comes to Disney. We like to stay at the deluxe resorts and being a DVC member allows us to book that perfect stay every time. The only question we struggle with is do we want to add a third DVC purchase to the portfolio?

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