What To Bring To Disney World – The Ultimate Guide

What To Bring To Disney WorldYou have the vacation planned, but now it is time to figure out what to bring to Disney World.  Months of planning for the perfect trip can be ruined in a matter of a few minutes if you have forgotten to bring something to Disney World.  Imagine this, you forget the sunscreen and find yourself getting roasted by that unforgiving Florida sun.  Trust me when I say this can put an end to your magical vacation in a matter of hours.  Whatever the problem that can arise, we are going to help you avoid it with our ultimate Disney World packing guide.

The problem with what to pack for Disney World is that you are limited by the amount of space you have.  If you are flying down to Disney World, you are only going to bring a duffle bags or suitcases to accommodate your needs.  If you are going to drive down, you will be able to pack much more and thus avoid the higher cost of buying the missing items down in Disney.  Keep in mind that bringing something as simple as water with you can save you a ton of cash during your vacation.  With that being said, let’s take a what to bring to Disney World in order to ensure a great vacation.

sunscreen what to bring to Disney WorldSunscreen:  I think that this is almost self explanatory, but let’s go over the reasons why.  It is Florida!  If you have never been in Florida, just know that you will need a boatload of sunscreen.  The sun can be brutal during that midafternoon period of time and you will want to reapply early and often.  I have talked to many people who have had their vacations ruined by a member of their party getting sunburned severely and not being able to go outside again.  Here is a great deal for those looking to buy some for the upcoming trip.

water what to bring to disney worldWater:  I will say it again…water.  If you are looking to save some easy money on your trip, you can stock up on the old agua.  The price of a bottle of water at Disney World is $2.50 a piece.  I know that bottled water at a grocery store will run you about ten cents a piece.  This means you are paying 25 times what you should be paying.  But 3 bottles of water a day for each member of a family of 4 is 84 bottles by the end of the week.  This is $8.40 at a grocery store or $210.00 if you buy it at the parks.  An easy savings of over $200 over the course of a week.  That is enough to get a great steak for 4 at Le Cellier.  If you are looking to have it delivered to your house, order some here for front door delivery.

frogg toggs what to bring to disney worldFrogg Toggs:  This chilly pad towel is a must have on any hot day.  Just put some water on it and sit back and enjoy the coolness.  This thing is crazy good.  I remember my wife telling me that we needed one for each person in our family.  I didn’t like the idea of spending $10 bucks on a towel, until I got down to Disney World and felt first hand what real heat feels like.  That Frogg Togg was a life saver.  I use it anytime I go out and about during super hot days.  If you are on the fence about it, don’t be and get one for yourself…you will not regret it.

ponchos what to bring to disney worldPonchos And Then More Ponchos:  This is no exaggeration, you are going to get rained on in Disney World.  Maybe multiple times every day, especially during the summer months.  You are going to want these ponchos to keep you dry and riding the rides while others are sprinting for the exit.  This is a great opportunity to get on a ton of rides while others are seeking shelter or going home to get out of the rain.  So packing a few ponchos allow you to take advantage of the rain and enjoy Disney World while everyone else is running away.

hand sanitizer what to bring to disney worldHand Sanitizer:  You are going to a place that has people from all over the world visiting.  This means that these same people will be bringing germs and viruses from all over the world as well.  Every time you touch anything at all, there is a good chance 100 other people touched it before you did earlier in the day.  Think…Toy Story Mania or any door handle that you need to grab.  Think those 3D glasses that you put on and then put in the box to be reused by someone else.  Think the seats you sit in on any ride and anything your hand touches during those rides.  Ughhh….so many ways to catch a nasty germ to ruin your trip.  One way to avoid these germs is to use this hand sanitizer to kill them.

body glide what to bring to disney worldBody Glide:  You are going to walking miles everyday you are at the parks.  This means that certain parts of your body may rub together and create some very painful situations.  The best way to avoid this is to use Body Glide to keep the parts free of friction.  When it comes to what to bring to Disney World, this is something that you will want to make sure is on your list.  Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than a nasty chaffing.

disney trading pins what to bring to disney worldDisney Trading Pins:  These are something that are pretty pricey when you pay full retail at Disney World.  I learned the hard way when I took my 3 children down to Disney World for the first time.  They all wanted them and those pins cost $8.00 to $15.00 a piece…ouch!  So I have learned since then and have bought my pins here, to get a ton more pins for a mere fraction of the price.  The kids and I get to trade with the cast members and I go in saving a ton of cash.  If you do not know about Disney’s pin trading, it is something that you will want to do once you get there…a load of great fun for everyone.  Avoid my costly mistake and buy your pins before you go down.

advil and pepcid ac what to bring to disney worldAdvil and Pepcid AC:  You are going to be out in the sun for hours on end and eating tons of great food.  Couple this with a few vacation drinks and you could be looking at quite a nasty headache or some bad heartburn.  I always bring some Advil and Pepcid AC to counteract those ailments.  For me it is when I couple ice cream, pizza, chicken wings…and a Pepcid AC.  :)

Chacos shoes what to bring to disney worldChacos:  These shoes are what you are going to be wearing as you are walking for miles on end.  Disney lovers from the world round rave about how well Chacos hold up during the miles of walking that you will be doing every day.  The goal is to have a lightweight show that can handle the weather and not hurt your feet.  This is where Chacos excels and you paid a few more dollars so you didn’t waste thousands on vacation.  When it comes to knowing what to bring to Disney World, this is one of the most important pieces.

chromecast what to bring to disney worldChromecast Device:  This is one of those things most people don’t consider when they go on vacation.  Even though you are going on vacation, you will still be in the room for quite some time.  Most places down in Disney World have free Wi-Fi, so coupling this a Chromecast device will allow you to enjoy quite a bit of entertainment.  You can also use an Amazon Fire Stick as well.

amazonechoAmazon Echo:  This is one of my favorite things to use on a daily basis.  Since free Wi-Fi is rampant down in Disney World, bringing this awesome piece of technology is a no-brainer. The Amazon Echo, or Alexa as I call her, allows me to get weather updates, music, and news with a simple voice command.  Nothing better then throwing on the old playlist and enjoying some great vacation music to make the trip even better.  If you don’t know what the Amazon Echo is, you will want to see it here in action.

disney dresses What To Bring To Disney World Princess Dresses:  If you have a daughter or a wife who loves to do some Disney Bounding, which you can read about here, then you will want to buy some princess dresses before you go down.  Even though everything Disney is magical, their prices sometimes are not.  What could cost close to $100 down in Disney World, can be found here for a mere $15 to $20.  I am always asked what to bring to Disney World and this one is something that I always respond with.

backpackPatagonia Atom Sling Pack:  This sling pack is a life saver when it comes to hauling all the above mentioned items around for miles on end.  There are quite a few options to what to use, but I find this one to be a Disney World fan favorite for its ease of use and carrying weight.

mio what to bring to disney worldCrystal Light/Mio/Ice Tea:  The water can be a bit different then your home water, so bringing some Mio type flavorings can add a bit of deliciousness to your water.  Keep in mind that waters are not cheap when it comes to Disney World pricing.  They are currently running $2.50 a piece, so consider bringing a few cases of water with you if you are driving down as stated above. (You can see I really hate over paying for water)

collaspable clothes hamper what to bring to disney worldCollapsible Clothes Hamper:  You know it can get bad at home with the kids, but imagine a small room with limited containers for your dirty laundry.  That is why you will need a good collapsible clothes hamper.   I personally have 3 children and that is like having 3 mini tornadoes running rampant at times.  This clothes hamper makes it a little less messing when those tornadoes get going.

hydro flasks what to bring to disney worldHydro Flasks:  You may want to bring some ice cold drinks with you to help deal the Florida heat.  If you have ever been in 80 to 100 degree weather for hours on end, you will know that there is nothing better then having an ice cold beverage to help combat it.  These Hydro Flasks are no joke and will keep your beverages ice cold throughout the day.  They are pricy, but this is one of those “you get what you pay for” moments.

This is not an all inclusive list.  Believe me that every time I go back to the parks, I end up learning about something else that will make the park much more magical for all those involved.  I am currently working on a PDF that will allow you to easily check off all your necessities to ensure a great vacation.  This list will be made to my email list as soon as I have completed it.  Take a moment and ensure delivery of this free list by signing up below.  When it comes to knowing what to bring to Disney World, our complete list will be a must for every Disney fan.

What To Bring To Disney World – The Ultimate Guide

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